French Onion Soup

Just one last post based on our girl’s weekend– and really, it’s partly an excuse to direct you to some old material.

I wanted to treat my gals to a nice home-cooked dinner on Amy’s first night in town, but her flight was arriving kind of late and I expected that most of us wouldn’t be in the mood for a big, elaborate dinner so late in the evening. French Onion Soup was the perfect solution -- it is rich and satisfying, without being too heavy.

When we were younger, Miss Amy was quite a finicky eater and had a rotating list of about three things that she would eat.  French Onion Soup was on that list, and I think of her pretty much every time I have it, so it also seemed the ideal supper for a trip down memory lane.

I wrote up my first attempt at French Onion Soup on one of my old blogs, Cooking Off Book, and it turned out so well that I’ve continued to make it the same way since.

One quick note – Since caramelizing onions can take a while, whenever I make this soup I take advantage and make extra onions.  After the final round of deglazing, I simply separate out some of the onions into Tupperware and store in the freezer for later use.

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