The High Line: Now Twice As Fun


Today one of my favorite spots in NYC got even better.   Twice as good to be exact.

I fell in love with the High Line the first time I visited last January, way before we moved to the city.  And that was in the dead of winter when most of the plants were dead! 

The Skyline for the High Line

Since then I’ve been back many times.  I love the variety of architectural styles you see as you stroll along – from brick buildings in various states of repair and disrepair, to skyscrapers in the distance, and beautiful modern works of art like Frank Gehry’s IAC building.  I love the mash up of urban and natural elements in one confined space. Most of all, I love that something like a forgotten, rundown 1930’s freight rail can be reconverted and given new life as a beautifully designed public space.



Today, the second section of the park opened to the public, approximately doubling the space along which to roam.  It was a gorgeous day for it too . . . ninety degrees, but gorgeous. The park was lush with plants and not overly crowded, so conditions were perfect for exploring.


The new stretch includes grassy spaces to sprawl out on with a book, have picnics, or get some sun.  There are also a couple of new viewing platforms overlooking 10th Ave, from where you can sit and take in the theater that is this city.  Finally, they have also added what is quite possibly the most highly designed bird feeders ever created.

High Design Bird Feeder

High Design Bird Feeder

You’ll probably be pretty hungry after walking along park’s entire mile. Luckily, there is now a parking lot full of food trucks waiting for you at the north end of the park. The Lot, located at 30th and 10th Ave, is temporarily home to a large public space with room for art installations, The Lot On Tap, Tom Colicchio’s new outdoor bar, along with a food truck court also curated by Colicchio.  In the lot for today’s opening were Red Hook Lobster, The Taco Truck, ice cream sandwiches from CoolHaus, and Kelvin Natural Slush Company, but more will be included in the rotation.

Rainbow City at the Lot

The Lot on Tap

Fish tacos from the Taco Truck seemed like the right choice in the summer heat.  I really wasn’t impressed by the chunks of breaded fish – they were crispy, but bland in flavor; however, the taco as a whole came together pretty well. When the crunchiness of the fish mixed with the fresh salsa, the crisp cabbage, and spicy sauce, the result was a solid fish taco.


Fish Taco from the Taco Truck

Normally, the only appropriate pairing for a fish taco on a hot day would be an ice-cold beer, and I almost walked over and got one from The Lot On Tap.  However, in the end I couldn’t resist heading over to CoolHaus for a frozen treat.  They’re also recent L.A. transplants, but I never got around to trying them in out there. I decided that I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.

Finally! Ice Cream and Modernism together at last.

Vicky, the lovely woman running the truck today, recommended the Blueberry Ginger Sorbet, and then she topped it off with a few cookie pieces for me to sample.  The fresh blueberry flavor laced with subtle hints of ginger turned out to be the perfect thing to beat the heat.

Blueberry Ginrer Sorbet with cookie pieces from CoolHaus

Here are more pics of The Lot:


And here is my High Line Slideshow:

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