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To finish up with Cali travels from last year, I thought I'd share some quick scenes from my trips to LA. I made two visits to my old home to see friends get married–both of which were beautiful. Just to give you quick highlights, a flash mob dance and a Ren Fair party complete with fire eaters were involved. In between weddings, I managed to see other friends and get a few good meals in. I covered L.A. in great depth in my last blog, Oh, Nothing Much, while I lived there, so for now I'll show off some niblet shots to share some new finds and old favorites.

On my first trip earlier in the year, I got had a lovely dinner with girlfriends at Robata Jinya.  The food was beautifully presented, tasty, pretty healthy, and fairly priced to boot. Not a bad combo, and the restaurant is very centrally located in the middle of 3rd Street. 

Seared Albacore Sashimi w/Crispy Onion
Seared Albacore Sashimi with Crispy Onions

Shrimp toast
Shrimp Toast

That trip I also managed to grab brunch at the much lauded Cook's County . . . and much deserved the food was fantastic. One of my friends ordered this amazing Braised Beef Short Rib Hash sunny-side up egg, sweet onions and roasted potatoes.

Braised Beef Short Rib Hash sunny-side up egg, sweet onions & roasted potatoes

I had the simpler, but still delicious smoked trout tar tine, with lots of lovely clean fresh flavors.

I had way too many sweet treats for my own good, but they were so delicious that I can't bring myself to regret the calories.

At Little Next Door, the chic, but casual cafe/market that adjoins the super romantic, The Little Door, my friend Leanne and I indulged a craving for French pastries and coffee.

Off the hook chocolate - almond croissant

Off the hook chocolate - almond croissant

I made stops at Joan's on Third both times–it's an old favorite. I indulged my sweet tooth further on the first trip. On Leanne's recommendation, we shared their morning bun. To be honest, I would have never been drawn to this one on my own. It looks rather unassuming next to all of their other beautiful pastries; however, I have to thank Leanne, because it was awesome. It was buttery, with a light hint of orange flavor, cinnamon, and that beautiful combination of a perfectly crispy outside, and a fluffy inside. Mmmmmm!

Baked Treats

Morning Bun

I also had to have the NY Breakfast Sandwich. It's super simple–just eggs, bacon, and monterey jack on grilled buttered bread–but it is amazing. Not particularly healthy, but amazing.

The NY Breakfast Sandwich v1

Greg and I had to make one more stop to an old fave. We held Father's Office Hours to see friends, drink beers, and down the amazing burgers.

My favorite burger

Old Favorites

I just want to take a second to thanks the friends that let us impose on them during the two trips. My friend Leanne hosted me during my trip earlier in the year. In addition to all the treats we indulged in, she drove me all over the place, we did all kinds of girlie things and frolicked through town. She was an amazing hostess. As were our friends Todd and Katy during our stay in December, when they gave Greg and I the run of their newly finished guest house. The kitchen of their guest is bigger than my NY apartment's. If they're not careful, I might move in.  

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