8 & $20: Beet Risotto with Herbed Chicken Tenders AND Arancini Leftover Makeover

Photo Credit: Greg Hudson

I have a new 8 & $20 up on WineSpectator.com this week – Beet Risotto with Herbed Chicken Tenders.  It’s creamy, delicious, and bright pink. What’s not to like?!

I highly recommend making extra of the risotto, because if you have leftover risotto, arancini are a breeze.

This is a bit of a non-recipe because you don’t really need exact quantities. You’ll need an egg, breadcrumbs (I used panko here), cheese (I used leftover goat cheese from the recipe), and cooking oil.

Add some breadcrumbs to the risotto, then beat an egg and mix in enough of each so that the mixture is lightly moist but can hold its form.  Roll the mixture into medium sized balls—a small handful each.  Make an indent into each risotto ball and stuff a small piece of cheese into each ball and then pinch them closed.  Pour more breadcrumbs into a bowl, then roll each of the balls in the breadcrumbs.  Heat a generous amount of oil in a pan or crank up the deep-fryer, then throw in the balls in batches and cook until they’re golden brown.

Arancini are addictive in any form and you can certainly eat them on their own, as a snack or appetizer. Here, I made them a bit larger and served them on a salad with some caramelized onions, crushed hazelnuts, and topped it all with crispy sage leaves from the recipe.

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