Take A Wine and Food Break After the Voting

Happy Election Day All! I hope everyone got out to vote.

I have a few things for you to check out once the votes are all in. I think we might all need a big break and lots of R & R after this is over.

Hopefully, I can help. I have quite a bit to share with you!

While it's turning chilly elsewhere, fall is actually a lovely time in CA wine country. I have a round-up of great places to pick up food while wine tasting up at BayArea.com. Head on up there, drink some wine, and destress!

I also have a new 8 & $20 recipe up at WineSpectator.com for Teriyaki Chicken Skewers with Edamame.

I didn't make a leftover makeover this time around, but actually packed up and took all the skewers that I had left on a wine tasting day picnic.

I look a bit odd here, but we brought along the Chicken Skewers on this progressive picnic through wine country. This is at Etude, and Bouchaine, which we hit  the same day, is at the top.

One more quick plug. I recently started contributing to a new app called Zipkick. They were nice enough to feature me as an influencer this month. (Thanks guys!) You'll soon be able to find all of the wine country restaurant recs mentioned up in the app as well.

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