FCI Demos: Chopping it up with Food Network Executive Chef Robert Bleifer


I sometimes like to play little game in our kitchen. We’ll call it Kitchen Roulette. I allow the groceries to dwindle from time to time to see just how many new things I can create out of the more and more unlikely ingredients that rare left before having to call it and go to the store. I do pretty well.  It is like my own private little game of Chopped and the pantry is my mystery basket.

A couple of weeks ago I got to see a master at work in this arena. Chef Robert Bleifer, the man behind the food at a lot of everyone’s favorite food competitions like Iron Chef and Chopped, came to FCI to do a demo during which he was given a group of mystery baskets of his own to work with. 

The ingredients in the baskets were scary.

I cringed as each mystery basket was revealed and I was really worried that the Chef might get stumped. I might have taken one look at those baskets, overturned them with spite, and walked out of the room.  This is how we know that I’m still a novice and Chef Bleifer is a master.


I covered the story for The Hot Plate, so to see exactly what the ingredients were and what the Chef did with them, click here.

I will tell you at least that one dish involved octopus and chocolate.


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