Cozy Winter 8 & $20: Easy Braised Short Ribs and Roasted Carrots

Photo Credit: Greg Hudson

It has been cold and icy in NYC and my new Braised Short Ribs recipe for 8 & 20, now up on WineSpectator.com, is the perfect thing to make on these snowy, winter weekends.

The recipe is inspired by classic braised recipes, but with just a little bit streamlined to make it a little easier and a little less messy.

This is also a great blueprint recipe that you can build off of. Feel free to jazz things up with different herbs and spices, add smokiness with bacon, or try different veggies.

A rich, meaty dish like this will pair well with a lot great, rich wines--it's very wine friendly. There are two great, affordable suggestions in the piece, but this would also be a wonderful dish to pair with a splurge bottle as well.

I'm planning to try it with an Amarone next time around.
Would love to hear about works for you.

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