Simple Summer 8 & $20: Turkey and Strawberry Salad with Baked Goat Cheese

Just a quickie post today to point you in the direction of my latest 8 & $20 now up at WineSpectator.com: Turkey and Strawberry Salad with Baked Goat Cheese. It really easy, fast, and refreshing.

Of course the winning wine pairing is included in the post: Bieler Père & Fils Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rosé Cuvée Sabine 2015. In this case though,  I also wanted to share the runner up: Sophora Sparkling Rosé New Zealand NV. The Bieler Rosé brought out various aspects of the dish and made for a more complex and layered pairing. The Sophora Rosé by contrast made for a simpler match-up, speaking predominantly to the strawberries. It was a more straightforward pairing, however, I can't say it was any less enjoyable–super juicy and uncomplicated. Either way, both made really lovely matches.

I don't have much of a leftover makeover this time, since all the salad went pretty quickly and wouldn't have kept well anyways. We did have a few extra baked goat cheese rounds though, and those make delicious toppers for just about any salad. Here I used a half a round to top salmon and a panzanella inspired salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, artichokes and greens. 

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