Brooklyn Bridge Walk

Brooklyn Bridge Park Panorama  

I didn't have much of a chance to post about NY (or really anything else) during our last stretch living there. We were actually trying to live it up as much as we could, but work and wine studies kind of got in the way of my posting. In this case, I actually wrote the majority of this post ages ago and just never quite got around to finishing it up. So, I'm putting this up today as a Throwback Thursday to this weekend last year.

It was actually right around this time last year that our move back to California first began to seem apparent, so we started making a concerted effort to get out and see/eat/try new things, as well as hit those touristy spots that you forget to hit once you become entrenched in your personal flow in a city. Essentially, we started to cross items off our NYC bucket list. Over 4th of July weekend we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge—even on a insanely crowded day like the one we chose to make this journey, the views you get to take in along the way make this one touristy attraction that will make you fall in love with NYC all over again–making the timing rather bittersweet.

The bridge is only a little over a mile long, so we ended up deciding to walk both directions—particularly because the ferry line seemed to be a little crowded.  This is, however, a really popular and scenic way to do the trip, so for info on catching the ferry see here.

The walk is really pretty in both directions, however, of course the benefit of the Brooklyn to Manhattan walk is the having the Manhattan skyline directly in front of you.  The flip side is that Brooklyn Bridge Park on the Dumbo side makes for a fun destination with many edible rewards.

Art installations were up all around Brooklyn Bridge Park during our visit. 

Sustenance is definitely an important factor in this as in any journey.  We didn’t do the best job of timing our food stops, and as a result, might’ve had some hanger issues mid-way through the trip. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is the famous food stop here, but the line was just too much to handle in our Hangry state.  On such a busy day, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory , another popular but crowded stop, was also out of the question. 

However, we found a Luke’s Lobster outpost to save us from our hunger pangs.  These lobster rolls a personal obsession and probably #1 on my list of  NY foods I miss the most. Frozen custards and shakes from the Shake Shack completed our replenishment and restored us back to our more human selves.

Brooklyn Bridge Park and the surrounding Dumbo streets are very picturesque, so we spent a nice long while wandering around snapping shots, before heading back over the bridge towards home.

 Manhattan Bridge view from Dumbo

Wishing you all a very happy July 4th weekend!

Here are a few helpful links for planning this day trip:


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