NYC Girl's Weekend

Sex and the City Tour: Cosmos at Onieals

I mentioned a few posts back that I had help from a couple of visitors in getting out and starting to see NYC.   Immediately after my mom left town, my friend Amy arrived, and together with our friend Lu we had our first girl’s weekend as trio in years.

Lu and Amy are my two oldest girlfriends, and as such they know me in a way nobody else does. I’ve been friends with Lu since I was 10.  Lu met Amy the next year and the three of us have been friends ever since.  We all went through our awkward teen years together and they’ve put up with me during some rather crazy phases.  We’ve been friends through arguments and fights, college, the beginnings of careers, many moves, a couple of weddings, and loads of good times.  Somehow, through all of this and despite the fact that you could not find three more different people, we have remained friends.

My moving back to NYC marks the closest proximity we’ve all lived since my family moved away to Venezuela right around the time I turned 16.  Lu’s been in NYC for a while now, and Amy moved up to Boston a couple of years ago.  With all of us fairly close once again, it was time for a girl’s weekend  -- and we packed it with the girliest fun you could think of.

First up, we hit dinner and a show on Broadway.  There really was only one option – The Phantom. A couple of friends have since advised me not to tell other New Yorkers that we went to see the Phantom, but the truth is that our individual loves for musical theatre started with this show.  We’d blast the cd’s in the car and sing along on road trips. Later, we’d rotate in Les Mis. God bless our parents for putting up with us!  Amy and I hadn’t seen the Phantom for years – it was time for us to see again.  Of course, as soon as the show started we were all 14 again. (Greg was very nice and forbearing for putting up with so much estrogen.)

At the Phantom

Next up? Well, a Sex and the City Tour of course. We hopped on a bus with On Location Tours that took us all around the city to see all the spots at which Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte shopped and ate. 

Sex and the City Tour: The Pleasure Chest
A sassy stop at the Pleasure Chest.

Sex and the City Tour: Buddakan
The dinning room at Buddakan, where Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner in the first movie.

Sex and the City Tour: Cosmos at Onieals
Cosmos at Onieal's, a.k.a Scout, Steve and Aidan's Bar.

It was a lot of fun and we had some funny misadventures. Without giving too much away, let’s just say we ended up on a bit of a rabbit hunt.

The final bit of girly goodness was teatime at Alice’s Tea Cup.  I love teatime! I even had a group of friends in LA that would search out new places to go to tea. This place was right up my alley.  The adorable Wonderland-inspired space is the perfect place for little girls of all ages to indulge their tea party fantasies.  The wait can be quite long, so be prepared and don’t arrive too hungry. Their scones are delicious though, and they have a good variety of both sweet and savory flavors.  We really had a lovely brunch-time tea.


The Nibble

The whole weekend was wonderful.  It was Amy’s vacation, but a weekend bonding with my girls was the perfect thing to help me feel at home in my New City.


I love you both a ton!

Next up – scones and cosmos inspired by our girl’s weekend.

Here's the weekend's slideshow:

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