NY Neighborhoods Project

Image borrowed from NYInsiderGuide.com

One of the things that’s both hard and exciting about being in a new city is that after years of accumulating knowledge on a place to the point of feeling almost like an expert, suddenly we knew almost nothing about our surroundings.  In LA I was often one of the people friends would go to for recommendations on places to eat and things to do in various parts of town, but when we first got to NYC we were back to square one.  We’ve slowly been getting a grasp on the city, but Greg and I have decided to try to accelerate the process of getting to know this huge place in a somewhat systematic way. 

The plan is to periodically visit one NYC neighborhood at a time and explore it in depth.  This will give us a chance to do two of the things Greg and I love most -- eat and take lots of pictures-- and maybe we'll discover some fun things to do along the way.  Plus, I’ve found that it can be fun to be a tourist in the place you live.

To give credit where it’s due, we’re actually sort of borrowing this idea from out friend Scottie and his STYLAA project  -- his journey to get to know LA. For our project, we’ll be using a combo of guide books (below), recommendations from friends, and of course the internet.  To this end, I’m also reviving my long neglected twitter account, so from now on you can also follow me here -- I'll be looking for insights.

The write up of our first NYC neighborhood adventure through the East Village should be up within the next couple of days.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! We tried to explore NY while we were in college, but never neighborhood by neighborhood. I remember getting lost somewhere between Chinatown and Little Italy at 2am as we attempted to walk to Penn Station.
    Wish I remembered the names of those hole in the wall places we found that turned out to be wonderful...

  2. I'd love to discover all the catering New York places. Wish I could have gone with you!