Yankee Stadium Kitchens Tour


A few weeks ago I got the chance to go on a tour of the kitchens of Yankee Stadium with a group from FCI and I did a write up for the school's blog, The Hot Plate.  We saw a lot more than hot dog vendors and concessions stands, as we got to go behind the scenes of the posh clubs and suites.  We also got within a few steps of the field, which was pretty cool.

Check out the post here: http://frenchculinary.blogspot.com/2011/08/yankee-stadium-kitchen-tour.html

The security at the stadium was like Fort Knox, and unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures on most of the stops on tour, but here is the slideshow of what I was able to get:

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  1. I really enjoyed the slide show, thanks for sharing it with us.