What’s Next?

Now that culinary school is all over, what’s up next you ask?

Well, in 2012 Greg and I will be resuming our Neighborhoods Project.  I had to put this aside for a bit as school became all-consuming, but we’re eager to get back to getting to know the ins and outs of NYC. (See two previous posts here and here.) I’ll also be getting back to restaurant reviews and home cooking projects, now that I’m at liberty to choose what I cook freely again. 

The big news, however, is that where the last six months were all about food, the next three will be all about wine.  It all starts right now with a food and wine trip to Argentina with a group of friends.  We’ve been grounded for far too long and wanderlust has been itching me for a while now. We’ll be spending five days in Buenos Aires, and five in Mendoza getting to know the region’s wines.  This adventure is actually already underway – we arrived the day before yesterday and have been eating and drinking our way through B.A.

Then, as soon as the travels are over, a new adventure begins.  I scored myself an internship assisting with a new Sommelier Program that FCI is starting, and I am super excited about it!  I'm upping my wine game folks!

Over the last couple of months I’ve been a little lax on the postings because of school, volunteering, and the holidays.  I want to get back on track and not leave you hanging while I’m away, so I’ll be posting the recipes from my Level 5 menu project.   The menu project is kind of like a little cooking thesis we have to do at FCI.  You pick a theme and then plan a menu around that theme.  Mine was based on Venezuelan food and was very personal to me, so I hope you will enjoy it.

While I’m gone, you can also catch glimpses of our travels as they happen via the Facebook page where you should be able to see Instagram shots very soon.

And now its time to play, explore, eat, and drink.


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