I Want to Break Free

Sometimes I can be a bit chained to structure—I want to change that. For example, I’ve decided that I’ve been a little too rigidly tied to a linear structure. So, while I was writing about our trip to Argentina—which ended up taking much longer than I would have liked—I didn’t really get to share with you experiences that I was having in the moment, restaurants I was eating in, tips I’ve picked up, or food I was cooking, with the exception of the recipes I’ve shared on Mamiverse. Thus, I’m making an end of year resolution to no longer bind myself to this constrictive linear structure and I’m just going to start bouncing around through time and topics in order to bring you more.

Moreover, based on the blog, by now you may have forgotten that I actually live in New York City, in which there is always plenty going on and that isn’t making it up here.  Of course you can always follow the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@nibblinggypsy) feeds to see what I’ve been savoring and what I’ve been up to, but still, I’d like to share more details as well as resurrect features like the NY Neighborhoods Project.

Lately, I’ve been getting opportunities to attend some really cool events, and I’d like to share those with you more regularly. For example, this week I went to a great pop-up wine bar at Whirlybird taco shop in Williamsburg with interesting artisanal wines and meads by Enlightenment Wines, made from all kinds of fruits and herbs. A favorite was the Dat Rosa Mel Apibus, a mead made with black cherries, currants, hibiscus and elderflower and vinified to dry. It went fantastically with bitter chocolate, which I love. I also think that a few would be great with cheeses in ways that wine typically falls short.

There also were some very good tacos.

Beyond that, there have been lots of wine events with fun finds. 

Greg and I also took a couple of other trips this year that I want to tell you all about, but to be more in line with the season, I’m going to jump around, starting with the Labor Day weekend getaway we took to the Catskills, which I’m sure will continue to be a gorgeous destination throughout the fall.

It may seem silly and obvious to you that a blog need not stick to a timeline, but well, as with many resolutions,  putting it out there will hopefully actually force me to change how I do things. 

On to the Catskills!

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