PGB Foods Launch


This week I had the pleasure of attending the launch of a new restaurant group and thought I’d pass along the find.  A friend has been working on their marketing and invited Greg and I to the launch party at the Brindle Room in the East Village, which along with DP Pizza and Wonder City Coffee and Donut Bar, makes up the PGB Foods group. 

We had the chance to sample quite a few nibbles representing the offerings of Brindle and DP Pizza. Everything from the oysters, to the burgers, to the pork belly was good, but my favorite was the lamb slider. The meat was juicier than you often get with lamb burgers—Greg compared the texture to a good fresh sausage—and had a nice fresh herb flavor.

Lamb Slider

Chicken wings aren’t usually my bar food of choice—they’re good, but don’t rock my boat the way some other snacks do.  I loved theirs though. They were smoky and seasoned with an intriguing cinnamon spice blend. (These two items, however, aren’t currently on the Brindle Room menu, so I can only hope they’ll be added on soon.)

DP’s pizza was also quite good. Just don’t expect it to be NY or Neapolitan style. They fire theirs in a cast iron pan, which results in a crispy, buttery crust with a nice chew.

Cast iron pizza

The Brindle Room’s regular dinner menu appears to be a little less gastro-pub than the offerings at the party, but seems to offer a well edited selection of simple classics with a few twists. The décor has a similarly refined rustic vibe with a few fun quirks.

I look forward to checking them out. If you make it there first, let me know what you think.

Oh, they also sell a deliciously peppery, habanero and apple cider vinegar hot sauce.

Hot Sauce

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