Super Bowl 8 & $20: Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sliders PLUS Leftover Makeover

Photo Credit: Greg Hudson

It's that time of year again -- Super Bowl Time!

Now, while (confession) I'm not really a big football fan, I do LOVE all of the yummy, messy, over-the-top snacks that go with game watching. This recipe for Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sliders are full of big flavor, and they're easy to assemble for a big group.

One of my favorite things about meatballs is that once you make a big batch, you're often left with a bunch of leftover, which you can then use a million different ways-- put them sandwiches, pastas, soups, and the list goes on. With this last batch, we used some of the remainders to top a hearty salad.

This is a total non-recipe, so swap in whatever you're craving or have on hand.

For a slight flavor change, I switched the Buffalo sauce for BBQ. Then we chopped up a bunch of kale, which was massaged and tossed with vinaigrette. That got topped with shredded carrots, thinly sliced celery, crumbled feta and French fried onions, which make a great crunchy alternative to croutons. This salad was so satisfying, we didn't even miss the carbs that normally accompany our meatballs.

Also, check out this recipe for finger-licking Pineapple-Chile Chicken Wings from last year.

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