Delicious Duck 8&20 Plus Bonus Wines

I recently had a new 8 & 20 go up on WineSpectator.com for Plum-Soy Duck with an easy, Asian-inspired slaw. (Photo credit on that tasty shot to Greg Hudson.) I don't have a full on Leftover Makeover for you, but I do have a couple of bonus wines to share.

By total coincidence, a couple of days later we ended up having duck again at dinner at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s house. We had leftover slaw so brought it along with us. Since the wine flows freely when we all get together, I had the chance to try a few more wines with a very similar meal to the one in the recipe.

This Malat Pinot Noir  Kremstal 2015 made a really fun pairing. This is a small family-run winery in Austria.  The wine has really bright cherry notes, but it’s like the cherry got a little dusty in the process. There are sweet baking spice notes to balance and complement the dustier components. (The average price is $25 on Wine-Searcher.com, and I think I bought it for $24.)

The duck we had on this evening was less sweet than the recipe the article, but I think this still stands a good shot of pairing with the slightly sweet glaze on the duck. It was my favorite pairing among the wines we tried with it that evening. 

We still had one more round of leftovers at home even after this evening. For a change of texture, I braised the cabbage and had it with a little more leftover duck. Of course, this gave us the chance to try one more wine – Gauthier Pere et Fils Domaine du Bel Air Bourgueil Jour de Soif 2016 . Perhaps not quite as perfect, but not half bad and really easy to drinking. 

Bourgueil is a region in the Loire Valley. The red grape here is Cabernet Franc and it’s much lighter in body than how Cab Franc tends to express itself here in California. It tends towards a mix of red and dark fruits with herbal and sometimes floral notes. This one was particularly gulpable. It's made in a lighter, easy drinking style, and it's totally affordable–average price on Wine_searcher.com is $13

I picked up both of these wines at Bay Grape.

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