Za'atar Roast Chicken 8&20, Leftover Makeovers, and a Bonus Wine

Za’atar Spiced Roast Chicken and Served with Roasted Vegetables.

Roast chicken dinners are among my favorites. They create fantastic possibilities for countless leftover makeovers. I recently had an 8 & 20 go up on WineSpectator.com for a version spiced up with za’atar and served with roasted vegetables. Better yet, it’s spatchcocked, which allows the chicken to cook more quickly and evenly.
This first round was quite tasty, but then the fun begins remaking the leftovers. Not too long before this recipe, I shared another that makes perfect use of the leftovers in a way that absolutely will not feel like leftovers: Crispy Polenta with Chicken and Vegetable Sauté.  

Crispy Polenta with Chicken and Vegetable Sauté.
Photo credit on this and the roast chicken at the top to Greg Hudson.

Alternatively, shred the chicken and make a little pasta. Slice up the leftover vegetables and toss on some pasta with a little garlic, olive oil, some wilted greens and some Parmesan cheese. 

Pasta with shredded chicken and vegetables

Then you might want a little soup to warm you up. Use the bones to make a stock by boiling it in water with some veggies (or veggie scraps). Once you have a nice broth, strain, then add shredded chicken and veggies of your liking. Here I used a frozen peas, carrots leftover from the roast, and some additional greens. So easy. No need to overthink it. 

Chicken soup with vegetables

If you’re looking for more ideas, the last time I shared a roast chicken recipe as an 8 & 20, I also shared a slate of options for leftover makeovers here.

You can find another of my favorite roasted chicken options here. That one is more of a classic style.

And if you want more ideas on how to use up chicken or turkey leftovers, check these out:

Bonus Pairing: After making the Crispy Polenta with Chicken and Vegetable Sauté I mentioned above, we had some of the extras with the Donnachiara Falanghina Beneventano Resilienza 2016. (I received this wine as sample. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received). Falanghina is a white grape from Campania in Italy. It was somewhat shy on the nose with hints of apples and lemons. It was bright on the palate. It was light on the palate, but there was a roundness to the texture, with a hint of creaminess. The apples continued on the palate with hints of tangerine skin, light fresh herbs on the finish, and hint of cheese rind. Greg also added that there was a touch of toasted wheat. It worked beautifully with the dish, matching its weight and texture. (SRP $25)

Donnachiara Falanghina Beneventano Resilienza 2016

In addition to having it with the chicken and polenta, we also enjoyed a bit with a simple salad and bread with pâté.  

Bread with pâté, salad, pickles, and wine.

Donnachiara is located in Montefalcione and is owned by the Petitto family. Vineyards have been in the family for 150 years and it’s the women who are in charge here. Illaria Petitto is the current Managing Director. She works with her mother Chiara, who is the granddaughter of the original Donna Chiara, for whom the winery was named. Donna Chiara seems like she was a force to be reckoned with. She kept the estate going through both of the world wars while her husband, Antonio Petitto, was serving as a doctor in the Italian Red Cross.

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