Lentils with Sausages 8 &20 Leftover Makeovers

A few weeks ago I had a new 8 &20 recipe and pairing go up on WineSpectator.com. This particular recipe for Lentils with Sausages and Arugula is a good snapshot of an average dinner our place, as this is in regular rotation. I almost always have the components available in some form and everything is pretty available year-round.

It’s also easy to switch things out and make substitutions. For example, I’ll often use kale instead of arugula. I’ll also mention here that I often like to have a little bit of a nice mustard on the side with the sausages.

As you know, I love a leftover makeover and this dish lends itself to many different options. A fun one is to cut up the sausages, then fill a tortilla with some of the lentils layered with sausages and cheese on top – goat cheese, feta, and mozzarella all make great options. I then grill that up in a cast iron pan and it becomes a quesadilla with a Mediterranean twist.

One of the easiest ways to switch things up is by turning this into a soup. Again, just cut up the sausages into rounds, then add everything to a pot with some stock of your choosing or some water. Warm is it and you’re good to go. If you have other leftover veggies around that seem like they’d go, toss those in as well. Feel free to add new seasonings and be sure to taste for salt and pepper before serving. The result is not not unlike this recipe for Good Luck Lentil Soup. I like to sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese into the bowl as well. 

I’ll also say that this recipe also freezes pretty well, both in the original and in soup form forms; so if you don’t feel like having leftovers right away, just stash some away in the freezer for a day when you need a 100% no-brainer meal. 

In the recipe, one of the wines I pair this with is from Provence in the south of France. I recently shared another Proven├žal red on SommsTable.com. If you’d like to whisk away to this region and learn a little more about it, I invite you to come on over.

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