FCI Chef Demos: Beer & Food Pairing

A couple of weeks ago I volunteered to help at a particularly fun Chef Demonstration. One of my current instructors, Chef Lisa LaCorte, co-lead a lecture on beer pairing, along with Chef Nick Meyer.  Being behind the scenes had a lot of perks. Whenever we were done pouring a beer or serving one of the accompanying dishes, we volunteers were free to drink and pick at the extras – within moderation of course.

Below are pictures of all of the beers presented.  I really enjoyed most of them, especially within the context of the pairings since they were all elevated by the foods with which they were served, and vice versa.  However, I think my favorite was the Ommegang. The Yeti was a little thick to drink very much of it on its own, in my opinion, but had really good flavors and I’d love to play with cooking with it.

Of course, the negative to volunteering was that my nerdy-self was not able to take my usual notes on the lecture, so I’m going refer you to my friend Anna’s page for a more detailed description of the lecture and the beers we tasted, as she sat in on the lecture.

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