Leftover Makeover: Open-faced Tuna Panini

A quickie post today. This isn't even really a recipe--it's more of an illustration of how you can turn leftovers into a dish every bit as delicious as the one you started with in no time at all.

I had a good amount of tuna left after making the last round of Tuna Steaks with Tomato-Basil Orzo for my 8 & $20 series. I  wanted to use it up fast, but didn't just want to have the same meal again back to back.  Boring.  By combining the tuna with a mix of fresh and pantry items I had on hand, I turned that tuna into open-faced panini that were fast, beautiful, and completely satisfying.

- I sliced open focaccia (well, really I used 'Panini Thins' I found at Trader Joe's) and lightly toasted the slices.
- Meanwhile, I quickly grilled fresh tomato slices in a pan with a little slick of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.
- Once the tomatoes were grilled on both sides, I pulled those out and lightly heated up sliced up pieces of the tuna steaks.
- As soon as the panini bread was heated, I pulled out the slices and gave them a light slick of mayo. I spooned store-bought tapenade to add a lot of flavor fast. (Purchased condiments can be a weekday savior in this way.)
- Then it was just a question of layering. A small mound of arugula leaves came next, followed by the grilled tomatoes, and the chunks of tuna.
- A light sprinkle each of good olive oil, salt, pepper, and freshly grated Parmesan and done!

Here's what I used this round, but build your panini around any delicious condiment you have on hand.

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