Miso Sesame Salmon 8 & $20 AND Cool Cucumber-Salmon Soba Noodles Leftover Makeover

Photo credit: Greg Hudson

I have a new 8 & $20 up at WineSpectator.com to share with you–Miso-Sesame Salmon with Cucumber Salad.  It is really deceptively simple to make.

The day after making this I came up with a fun leftover makeover for this that was also super easy–salmon over cool cucumber soba noodles. It put a nice little spin on the dish to change things up a bit.

The only additional ingredients you’ll need are soba noodles (I used buckwheat), soba noodle soup base (such as the one pictured below), shredded carrots or any other veggies you’d like to add in.

Here’s all you have to do to make the switch:

– Boil buckwheat soba noodles according to package instructions for as many portions as you need.  Drain.
– Reheat salmon on the grill/grill pan if desired. It’ll also taste good flaked up and cold.
– Divide the noodles up into desired portions. Pour a drizzle of soba noodle soup base over each one.
– Distribute the remaining cucumber salad, including any liquid that has collected at the bottom of the bowl, over the bowls of soba noodles.  Top with some shredded carrots.
– Divide the salmon over the bowls of noodles and serve.

We had this with a light, refreshing Bodegas Shaya Verdejo that worked beautifully with the flavors in the food.

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